Friday, March 26, 2010


Alops all.. finally... just finished my final exam.. hoho... the truth is.. me don't even know what i'm doing in my final exam.. always sleepy and lazies.. lets it past by past.. what i want to bebel in here is about my broga hill hiking a week before my final exam.. hahaha.. bit of crazy of me.. so that is who am I. crazies when some of the times... but still cheering  even inside nobodies will know... so didn't have any idea to yelling in here.. but just take a look some of this picture okay.. nice view.. nice panorama.. bit tired when you be the 1st time since a long times didn't do any of adventures activities like this.. hurmm.. LOVE xtvt like this.. 

PS:Perghh... sengal sikit blog aku skang nih.. asal ntah  payah aku nak describe photo2 nih.. ape2 pon layan jer lah.. hilan idea dah.. kekeke... pasni ader tempat len lak untuk dituju... nntikan untuk next two week... akan aku letak n3nye nanti yer.. haha..