Thursday, December 31, 2009

MID.....New Year

Sigh...!!! Midterm just around da corner.. camner nih.. not ready at all.. lot of topic must recovering.. lot of thing to do.. hai ya!!! malas..malas.. lazies.. huhu... eeiiiiiyaahhh... semangat weh.. don't be so lazy... me can do it.. just do it like my dip.. be confident.. although that you've been hurt... cahiyo'... sorry guyz.. me just throw off my feeling in here... haha.. may be after this me didn't on9 anymore for a moment.. so.. decide to quiet after all... thank.. n happy new year... wishing something new beginning in my life.. should it be da happy starting new year with new life.. new style.. new me.. and everything was new once.. hopefully... so gengs.... just pray for my success ya.. hope all of you can be success too.. so let we rise up our life together.. with new beginning in 2010.. "WELCOMING 2010"... wish all my fren happily ever after.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! THANK...SO..MUCH!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Fifthy became hundred...??

Holllllaaaa!!! win again.. yeah... ARSENAL 3 - 0 Aston Villa.. hurmm... this is not what i want to telling for in here, actually y 50th became 100? Da stories is in Tesco Extra, yesterday me going to shopping about some stuff with my fwen, before that i'm aware that in my wallet just got 2or myr4 in rm1 note, so me going to ATM withdraw about myr100, after get all da thing that should to , we r going to da counter n gonna pay for it lah.. about all da price is myr61.20, so me think that me just gonna give to da cashier with myr101.20, with hope that she gonna give me back in rm40 sharp.. so when me wanna insert da balance back to my wallet, me just shocking with my another RM50 note, gosh.. is that im just paying only myr51.20 to da cashier with take my balance myr40 back????? if it true me just pay for all da thing with just myr11.20, but my fwen just see me give a hundred.. hurmmm... so about that i'm really surprise, goshh!!! BTW dunno what to wrote da stories.

Ps: is that declare lucky me or what?? PLZ click to da footbal result up there if u wanna see da report... from barkclays football site... TQ

Sunday, December 20, 2009


3 - 0

Arsenal closed the gap on their title rivals with a hard-fought 3-0 win over Hull at Emirates Stadium on Saturday evening.

Arsène Wenger's side struggled early on but Denilson gave them the lead with a gorgeous free-kick on the stroke of half-time. Then, after Manuel Almunia had saved Geovanni's penalty, Eduardo tapped home on the hour and Abou Diaby made the points safe with a well-worked third with 11 minutes to go.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chill out...

Halooo... tired... penatlah... aku baru balik dr KL sbnrnyer.. g kendri mmber KPTM... dak coventry... mmber kenal bljar kat kL dulu.. kahwin dah diorg ehh.. lama gak couple tu.. dr study sampai balik dr england trus kahwin.. aku jer kot couple sekejap je.. hhuhu.. penat lak aih arini jln 1hari.. baru balik nih.. cternyer.. aku g sner nek train jer.. lama gak tak nek train.. ni dah keta rusak tak repair2 ag so nek train sampai tukar 3 train.. so dr Shh Alm nih besa ar nek Komuter then transit Monorail kat Sentral pastu nek LRT Star lak.. aduiiyaaa.. baper byk tukar daa...

so da stories is... oppsss!!! g nek train smpai kL jer then grak nek keta member la.. haha.. tp time kendri hujan lebat seh.. jmpa gak geng2 KPTMKL.. pas g kendri dorg ajak g karok lak.. so layan jer.. haha.. pastu balik la.. tak reti2 lagi... kuang!!kuang!!kuang!!.. balik nek lah train balik... pergh.. aku poning pale seh.. ramai glerr org mcm tin sardin.. besa ar klu dah nama pon ari minggu++mlm lak.. org mmg berebut la nek train nak balik.. tp tak leh blah mamat benggala dok depan aku asyik dok men lagu bahasa ibunda dia jer.. dah lah aku tak paham.. pastu kompom tak sedap.. diorg nih mmg tgk mcm stail batak ngn handset sikit(sbb rata aku tgk kaum diorg kat m'sia asyik belek nset jer..hahaha)..

dah2.. ngumpat lak.. haishh.. dlm dok ramai mcm sardin dlm komuter nak balik nih.. tetiba terdengar bayi nangis.. alamak!!! ader org buang bayi seh dlm komuter.. adoiii.. sper lah tuh.. hahhaha... chop..chop.. bukan buang bayi lah.. tp mmg bayi nangis.. tgk kesian kat blkg tu.. so mmber aku pon pnggil lah akak tu then suruh duduk.. so aku pon ngn rela hati pon kasik lah kat akak tu suruh dia duduk ngn anak2nye.. bebudak rimas ar tu dok dlm train sardin...hahaha.. adoiiihhh.. tak tau nak cter aper sbnarnyer.. so.. sampai sini dulu la.. letih seh.. poning pala dah ni..

Friday, December 18, 2009


What HWANGDBS....? It was one of the unit trust investment.. but... y me take it as a topic in here.. ?? hahaha.. just wanna tell ur guyz about it la... actually it one of the good option if you really wanna involve in investment.. minimum for this invest is myr1k... one of my fren already involve on it.. he said that not bad to join it.. with income that he can made with it.. actually me didn't really know about it detailed.. but what i know.. it ok for beginner investor like me or us.. yeah!! if advance investor should be 10k above.. maybe..haha.. so for detail please to da link that me show below(me refer to actually this unit trust can be found at any bank in our country.. so if wanna more detail about it.. plz go to ur nearest bank... check it out da link below... thank you so much SALAM TAHUN BARU SALAM HIJRAH... BERHIJRAHLAH KITA KEJALAN YANG LEBIH DIREDHAI ...BERHIJRAH KEPADA SESUATU YANG LEBIH BERMAKNA....

click here

PS:I'm using broken english.. okay.. pls declare da sound to it meaning ... tq...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bantuan Happy

Bantuan Happy - Jawapan Happy kepada soalan-soalan anda.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Comic blog..

Haloo... morning... hope u in greatest day ever today.. hmm..gosh.. wake up early morning today don't know y my chest get hurt.. huhu.. it is because of my heart get hurt before and still appear? huhu.. really hopee it will disappear day by a day.. actually me on my planning to created my own and the only one of comic blog... me don't think that anyone was created it before.. but me only get this inspiration when watching BLOGGER BOY 8tv program... but... not really the same as that Blogger Boy stories.. 1st of it.. me will use the combination of the real life pict then the character will be look as a comic... hmm.. how can me say and explain about it now?? hmm... y my english so bad lately... like no idea to say and no idea to created a word... about the comic.. i'll use my own of my life stories.. may be.. and it will publish on my new blog.. or may be I will use one of my blog.. hahaha.. gotta 4 blog for now.. should me add another one to get 5 blog?? haiisshh... sound it to many of it.. but still enjoy of it and.. some make long time didn't updated.. hehehe.. anyway.. wait and see what will happen.. but now me gotta really busy with my assignment... huhu.. so it done for today... see ya!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Arsnl VS Liv

2 - 1

Yeah!! good news that we know Arsenal just win da games with beaten Liverpool 2-1.. hehe.. even it got one own goal from Liverpool.. but.... still win right.. haha.. Cheer up for it k... so here the report of the games...

Once again Andrey Arshavin was Liverpool's chief tormentor as Arsenal barged their way back into the thick of the title race with a 2-1 comeback win at Anfield on Sunday.

click here for full report

Sunday, December 13, 2009

SKDS 96'

What that stand for?? SKDS=SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN DATO' SAGOR.. hmmm... mised da moment in this school.. mised my fren.. it been so long didn't meet them all.. since 13 year ago.. haha.. now.. i'm finding back what i'm missing for... thank to my old fren.. for advise me about da blog.. (just alreeady putting beside there..) really mised all and don't know that can remember or not all of you.. hope in gathering it will remind something that make us cheering like 13year before... insyaallah..

Friday, December 11, 2009

Making side incomes???

Hmm... actually me didn't even get it how to improve my blog.. haha.. so let me tell you something that can make us enjoying to wrote in blog n why... so.. 1st of it ofcoz lah can make money.. then sometime we can shared everything in here.. right.. such as business, hobbies, stories, life, feature.. and many more as long as we wanna write in here.. so here for two thing that can make some side money if somebody visit ur blog n click on it.. about how much the payment maybe ur can explored it by ur self in their web site.. hahaha.. what me means about is.. NUFFNANG and GOOGLE ADS.. you can just apply for it and publish da advertisment in ur blog.. then when someone visit n click on it it will pay u on per how many that advert was click.. but.. don't be cheated yeah... haha.. so.. what waiting for... just register on it.. and updated ur blog all the time.. have fun yeaa... sweet holiday!! :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

World Cup 10

Yeah!! Coming soon... next year june.... can't wait for it.. da ever team got my support with ofcozlah ENGLAND... so me just got registered for are fifa club... Here da official site.. just click to da image below.... don't forget to add me k...

11 June - 20:30 Group A First stage Uruguay - France

14 June - 20:30 Group F First stage Italy - Paraguay
18 June - 20:30 Group C First stage England - Algeria
21 June - 13:30 Group G First stage Portugal - Korea DPR
24 June - 20:30 Group E First stage Cameroon - Netherlands

Don't forget to find hill-mie in there.... chaa....

ps:let fight da fantasy world cup inside...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Going To Space..

Space ship that would bring a tourist to a space early 2011.. haha who wanna going vacation on a space.. just for 2hour into the space and 5minute without gravity.. cools.. but da ticket for one person usd200k(myr678,600)... let collect our money from now on.. hahaha.. have nice enjoying in da space ship... chaa!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009


To be continue after this.. me gonna go for my classes.. 2pm until 6pm... my evolution of my life... se ya!!

Friday, December 4, 2009


:Aino by sony ericsson:

This phone me was surveying at Plaza Alam Sentral (PAS) Shah Alam.. and that was cool.. da original set got around RM1.9/1.8k and AP set me can get it around RM1.5k.. Woww!! much expensive price.. but me think that suitable with da stylish and technologies for now on...just dreaming to have some..

Da spec type:
bluetooth(with music controller)
multimedia touch
3.8mp camera
clear video record(me just review it live)
and many more.....

Just review this vid ya!!