Monday, December 28, 2009

Fifthy became hundred...??

Holllllaaaa!!! win again.. yeah... ARSENAL 3 - 0 Aston Villa.. hurmm... this is not what i want to telling for in here, actually y 50th became 100? Da stories is in Tesco Extra, yesterday me going to shopping about some stuff with my fwen, before that i'm aware that in my wallet just got 2or myr4 in rm1 note, so me going to ATM withdraw about myr100, after get all da thing that should to , we r going to da counter n gonna pay for it lah.. about all da price is myr61.20, so me think that me just gonna give to da cashier with myr101.20, with hope that she gonna give me back in rm40 sharp.. so when me wanna insert da balance back to my wallet, me just shocking with my another RM50 note, gosh.. is that im just paying only myr51.20 to da cashier with take my balance myr40 back????? if it true me just pay for all da thing with just myr11.20, but my fwen just see me give a hundred.. hurmmm... so about that i'm really surprise, goshh!!! BTW dunno what to wrote da stories.

Ps: is that declare lucky me or what?? PLZ click to da footbal result up there if u wanna see da report... from barkclays football site... TQ


~dD@D'Shazz~ said...

xleh scan dwit btol laa
nnt kne tgkp polis..
seyes ni~