Friday, December 11, 2009

Making side incomes???

Hmm... actually me didn't even get it how to improve my blog.. haha.. so let me tell you something that can make us enjoying to wrote in blog n why... so.. 1st of it ofcoz lah can make money.. then sometime we can shared everything in here.. right.. such as business, hobbies, stories, life, feature.. and many more as long as we wanna write in here.. so here for two thing that can make some side money if somebody visit ur blog n click on it.. about how much the payment maybe ur can explored it by ur self in their web site.. hahaha.. what me means about is.. NUFFNANG and GOOGLE ADS.. you can just apply for it and publish da advertisment in ur blog.. then when someone visit n click on it it will pay u on per how many that advert was click.. but.. don't be cheated yeah... haha.. so.. what waiting for... just register on it.. and updated ur blog all the time.. have fun yeaa... sweet holiday!! :)