Saturday, December 24, 2011

San Francisco Pizza (edisi makan)

Assalamualaikum... kali ni bertulis edisi makan lak.. memandangkan aku ni memang suka g jln makan2.. so.. selalu gak g cuba try test kedai2 makan yang nampak cam menarik kan.. jadinya kalau kalian memang menetap kat Bandar Baru Bangi kompom tak heran or tak susah nak cari kedai makan sebab sangatlah banyak dan kebanyakannya ramai manusia di dalam kedai2 tersebut.

Nak dijadikan cerita samalah macam aku keluar saja nak makan luar dari Putrajaya menuju ka BBBangi. besalah dulu memang penah menetap d sana sebelum pindah ke Putrajaya. So..sekarang ni aku yang pening tak tau nak makan kat mana.. al-maklumlah.. kedai banyak sangat.. akhirnya terpikir lak nak try kat sini San Francisco Pizza Seksyen 8 Bandar Baru Bangai. kisahnya dari dulu nak try.. tapi tak sempat so semalam aku belasah jer lah situ.. kan kan..

       Menu Pilihan

       *Braised Lamb Shank   (MYR22.90)
       *Lasagne Beef.             (MYR9.90)promotion price
       *Coke Ais Lemon Tea. (MYR5.50)
       *Carbonara                  (MYR15.90)
       *Honey Milk Tea          (MYR6.90)

Jumlah Bill Myr70.90 untuk dua org makan dan termasuk lah service charge10% dan tax. so makanan dia oklah bagi aku dan aku suka dia punya Lasagne.. for sure akan kembali lagi suatu hari nanti.. Jom ar kengkawan.. kekeke..

Ps: G kedai Pizza tapi tak oder pon pizza.. haisshh... next time nak try menu Salmon dia lak.. cam best jer.. ngee.. ;P

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hat Yai


Happy weekend to all.. 1st of it, I just wanna review my trip to hat yai past month..month.. month.. agooo... ngee..haha.. actually it was my company trip.. yes for sure that trip was supported by my boss.. thank boss..

okay let review some, which is still remind in my head.. actually we depart from Puduraya.. yeah.. we travel by bus.. and after office hour, all the staff will meet there(puduraya).. so one night long we travel from KL to Bukit Kayu Hitam and arrive in the morning at the border.. so we arrive at Hat Yai town around 9am.. me guess.

what have there?? 
1st we finding some stall or coffee house for breakfast.. got muslim stall around there.. me just having my roti canai telur and teh tarik.. see.. still can find it even in Thailand.. it's a Pathani stall i think. they also can speak shouldn't have any problem in communication.. then checkin at Sakura Grand View Hotel after bit round the area. hmm.. I think I would recommended this hotel to who ever else wanna go there.. because this hotel is okay for me.. and the price also reasonable.. after we're take a look a room and having a bath.. we all going to some places that my boss bring us to PASAR?? I don't know what pasar it is but we going there by TUk..TUk.. the smal transport that you'll see at my pict below.. just cost 3bath.. it open air when you seating at the back.. 

(Room Bed... nice ornament)

(1st Arrive Hat Yai morning)

(This is what my room look like 'GOOGLE source')


Okey.. at pasar we can find anything that you love to buy.. such as BAG,Hand Bag, Shoes, Shirt, and else..
wow one day not enough for the shopaholic.. yeah i feel unlucky because i'm going with shopaholic team.. ouh.. that not me hahaha.. coz i like travel more than shopping..

we going out with our boss he treat us seafood there.. nyummy..then we going town and having night life in there.. so in Hat Yai it was a happening night life with shopping area.. fuhh!!.. if i did bring more buck in my wallet that time.. i think much thing i would buy..because it was really cheapest price.. hahaha..

okay I think this is too long enough for writing.. should be continue for day2 in Hat yai next time.. 
see ya..

PS: anyone wanna going there?? i think wanna go there again.. trying shopping back... kekeke..

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lepor Hill

Assalamualaikum.. hai n hello.. Happy Eiduladha to all muslim in this world. Hokey.. actually just wanna wrote some short strories in here.. past few week ago.. i'm hiking lepor hill.. the location was at Hulu Langat Selangor, yes it was a lot of waterfall at this area(Hulu Langat). Lepor is one of it.. it was the 1st time I'm in here, but mostly in Hulu Langat i'm going to Sg,Gabai or Chongkak the famous place to picnic for people around Klang Valley maybe.. 

So.. after 7.30am i'm drove Putrajaya to Bangi pick up my friend and continue to Hulu Langat. Meet another friend near sg.Chongkak. we arrive around 9am then start hiking to the peak around 11/2 hour.. the trek wasn't to steep.. but when you're close to the peak it bit steep.. so that it.. no much pict.. you can asking for the pict.. hehehe.. so here i show some video.. enjoy it.. ;D


Ps: I think the best reflexology is with mr.pacat?? how you think about don't ya? kekekeke... I love travel.. but I'm less of budget.. huhu.. who wanna backpack with me? anyone? let go some place that interested you.. :D

Friday, October 28, 2011

Raya USS

Assalamualaikum.... trying write it in before.. but there are much.. muchiess.. of but...but.. haha... so now it felt like no idea how to wrote about it.. what was i'm saying is about my backpacker to USS(Universal Studio Singapore)10th September 2011..

Let start with this paragraph.. so it should be a budget travel..or kind of Destinasi Budget.. How to count on it.. am let u guys doing some calculation about my travel aight?? Let start by....

Friday :
    I'm just taking a bus to JOHORE.. heading to my friend house.. so that can reducing my cost(accommodation) so that why i'm called this Destinasi Budget.. i'm taking a night bus for sure it was after working hour isn't it..? telling ur guys some new experience at new buses station.. that was awesome.. with a new system and new building..also got aircond..  that is at Bandar Tasik Selatan.. hokeh.. that's it..
This Boarding Area see my banner also there.. :p

This is ticketing counter.. also got bus time schedule...

Buses Tiket + Return (KL-Benut)
cost >> MYR50

     Wake up early (is it?) ahah.. actually just bit skid of time.. hehehe.. me and my friend already booking the bus and USS ticket before raya.. mean the package that bus company provide with it.. so our time to travel from JB to USS is at 10.30am.. we're depart from Tune Hotel Danga Bay.. From there we travel by bus directly to USS.. then when return we just waiting where were we was drop 10.30pm our bus came to pick us return to Tune Hotel Danga Bay..the bus was so comfort actually, because it was a business class bus..

    what have in USS? there a lot of part erk..erkk.. is it should say it like part or should say it a places??
let say it in Egypt part or cartoon Places or London Town area.. or ..or.. Madagascar the cartoon look like... there have game for each part of this Area.. kind like roller coaster.. i'm running out of my time to doing some pict editing.. so.. will update it letter lah ekk.. can see at the right of my blog(My Album).. so that it.. lah kot since i have no idea to wrote it much.. what can i describe about this trips.. it's fun and enjoyable.. yes i'll do go again.. but town the cities on next time.. anyone wanna join me?? let be together next time yaa....

This the place that we arrive.. at sentosa resort world

This is the bus of the company that i was said.. look cool right??

Tune Hotel Danga Bay JB

In front of Universal Studio Singapore

Uss + Buses(Package)
Cost MYR 205
Snack SGD 5
Plus.. Minuses MYR20( Extra cost)

     It time to return to Putrajaya.. hoho... arrive and have nice experience with relaxing at home sweet home.. :P

How was it .. did u calculating my budget? around myr300 only.. enjoyable right? so here i put my Pesanan Video from my friends... watch it ya... :D

PS: If it a long time stories..?? i do apologize.. coz i've no idea at all since being a working person... Is it? hahaha

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bird's Nest Beverage(Minuman Sarang Burung)

Product of Al-Tasneem Enterprise

The Nutrition:

* Healing asthma
* Ageing delaying
* Increase sexual performance
* Heart and lung strengthen
* Increasing body resistance
* Recover internal wound
* Speed up blood circulation
* Losing body heat
* Treat acne skin and cough
* Relieve gastric



(x6 Bottle)

(x6 Bottle)

For family use or for Selling
For more info please contact : En Hilmi 016 6993998 or e-mail to:

Klang Valley area. Out area also can nego

PS: This is just side thing that me wanna shared n promote here.. ngee~~ healthy aight... i think this is just in Okay price because  i think out side there were hundred and above aight..?? some info that i wanna shared that demand on bird nest is around 5k++ /kg.. aight?  so this is cheapest and wort isn't it.. ? :D

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Assalamualaikum.. haloo.. woo.. cerita makan pulak kali nih.. yeah sememangnyer sekarang ni aku suka betul g jln2 cari makan nih.. uih.. mau tak nyer rasa macam nak makin membesar lagi nih.. haishhh.. pastu semalam joging n hari tak joging lak.. hurmm... 

ok.. sebelum lari topic.. nak citer makan kat Al-Rawsha restaurant.. semua di situ arabic punya makanan lah.. jd aku bawak family g makan situ.. yang pada asalnya nak g makan d jalan ampang Hadramawt.. tp aku suggest try sini lak.. kekeke..

Jadi.. memandangkan family dinner.. biasa kami akan oder yang 1kg.. boleh bermushawarah(betulker??).. so makanan yang di order adalah :
        1kg nasi lamb madghut
        1/2kg chicken madghut
        1pot mint tea
tu jerlah yang kami oder.. so makan reramai.. nyum..nyum... tasted dia ok la.. klu madghut aku rasa yang restoran Hadramawt jln.Ampang lagi ok kot.. patut try benda lain hari tu.. kekeke..  so bawah aku shared gambar jerlah ehh.. selamat mencuba...

(Ni sebahagian menu disitu)

(Anda akan d sambut oleh penyambut tetamu bila masuk)

(Inilah makan yang d order)

so ni sejerlah jln2 cari makan ku untuk kali ni.. nnti ader ku tulis lagi.. hokeyh..

pS: Boleh jd Blog Jalan2 cari makan gak eh?? kekeke... boleyh la kot.. memandangkan asyik dok g serbu restoran jer kan.. :D

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Simply 'Our Shrek Stories'

Actually i'm just bored stayed home n do nothing.. so.. to fulfill my wasting time.. i did created some stories for fun.. here it is.. just click this pict..:
okies... that all.. thank for ur time view this...

pS: Should be my "Destinasi Budget" stories after this.. waiting for it ya... tiK..Tok.. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Start Ur Engines'' Raya & Tour " Cameron Highland

Halluuuu.. it been long time didn't wrote something in here.. okays.. before further my stories.. I wanna wish to who ever walk to AnL blog happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. hope all of you enjoy ur holidays.. ngee~~.. n..n.. something different about blogger right now... 

Let me start my stories.. since i'm loving in travel.. backpacking or some kind of it.. so after raya when came back to kL.. and sending my lil bro to his matric at Gopeng peyrock.. with my mind still thinking of holiday.. and with smoothly idea came and..and.. i asking and giving idea that we're family go to Cameron Highland(CM) also trying new car with playing shifting gear hiking hill..seriously it's cool.. ekekkee.. just in some hour.. hahaha.. so let take look this pict.. hooolllaaa....

  (Start ur Engines... )

(look nowadays CH r really different.. when didn't go there since i'm stayed Peyrock long times ago)

(See lot of new thing was in there... should go there for another time.. anyone accompanying me?)

Okeyh one thing that i forgot.. there one new ways heading to CH.. and this new road at Gopeng.. that course horror accident last time that involve tourist bus from Thailand.. but this ways is more better than Tapah me guess.. 

PS: Tiba dah masa aku mula kembali travel(hobi seh)... ngee~ ader lagi stories ttg aku punya travel lepas nih.. Thai.. S'pore.. all will updated soon.. bila ader masa ehh.. salam lebaran buat semua.. 

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Selamat Datang kembali ramadhan yang mulia. disini aku ingin mengucapkan kepada kalian yang melewati blog ini dengan ucapan selamat menyambut ramadhan ini dengan penuh amalan dan ketakwaan. moga segala apa yang kita lakukan dlm bulan ini adalah ibadah dan dipenuhi keredhaan ilahi.. amin..

PS: Lama sudah tak terupdate AnL nih.. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Naahh.. what suppose im wrote in here haha..just get bored waiting to setup a thing for my work.. tmbah skrg ni jerebu mngaburi mata.. lantas boleh terasa pedihnya.. haha.. bengong jap dlm ni.. menunggu project discussion dgn seorang dato.. dan still menanti.. wish me luck ok..

ps: short msg via my phone.. tq

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Video Wedding Production

Aper yang aku nak ceritakan disini, aku suka dan minat dlm membuat video/ motion video untuk hari perkahwinan or small ceremony ni.. haha.. mean short video lah.. so dari aku belajar dulu dlm pikiran mmg nak bukak multimedia company dan buat editing untuk video..  sbb time tu takder lagi org buat macam ni.. so sekarang ni aku tgk dah ader org buat dah.. dan yang aku minat ofcourse lah CST PRODUCTION punya work.. nice.. aku suka kerja dan cara diorang.. dan dlm dok minat work diorg.. time wedding cousin aku dulu tgk diorg jugak yang wat video and fotographer untuk cousin aku.. haha.. teruja jap.. salah seorang ahli produksi ni adalah member cousin aku.. complete set peralatan diorg.. so here i present my cousin wedding video credit to CST PRODUCTION

Video Penang 'cst production'

Fahmi & Idany from cstproduction on Vimeo.

Video Seremban 'cst production'

Majlis Persandingan Fahmi & Idany from cstproduction on Vimeo.

PS: Dulu aku penah gak buat wedding video untuk pak cik aku.. time tu lah 1st time aku pegang n edit video++ terus minat.. 4 tahun lepas kalau tak silap.. pssstt...psstt.. CST OIT.. mau amik staff baru tak untuk video editor..?? kuang kuang..kuang.. :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yeah tak di nafikan banyak sekarang ni telepon mudah alih sangat banyak dan canggih2 belaka. Pilih jer nak macam mana..bentuk apa.. fungsi camner.. harga pon camner gakkan.. so aku pon dah mcm jd dila gadget lak.. haha... dlm list gadget aku lak nak LED TV satu.. PS3 satu..hahaha... kidding weh.. tp nak gak..huhu..

okeyh.. aku sedang mengusha android OS phone haha.. sbb skang pakai simbian OS jer.. so dari VIVAZ Sony
mungkin ke telephone berikut... HTC/Sony Arch.. hrmm mn better eh?? aku nak tukar sbb aku nak masukan/install satu application yang compatible ngn OS.. so aku leh on9 app tu dekat phone so aku leh biz d mn2.. hahaha... canggihkan tech sekarang.. adiozz...

(Sony VIVAZ "now im using" simbian OS)

(Sony Xperia arc "on demand" android OS)

Ps: untuk kemudahan gakkan nih.. haha.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


sekarang aku sajer test on9 using yes 4g. atas train ERL heading to central. but not bad. fast surfing even now i'm using my phone. so feel like wanna have it too.

ps: naik erl jgn lupa on9.. free je.. jom melancong korea..

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Apa nak dikata.. dah nasib menimpa.. beginilah bila dimamah usia.. wahahaha... memang meleleh seh... sebak habih.. so kalian taukah aper yang aku maksudkan?? ceghita banyak takmaw.. so layan jer lah.m bar nih.. 




PS: Bilik aku sekarang amat dasyat.. lelehan dari bumbung rumah pabila hujan lebat.. huhu.. warghhh.. any sumbangan bolehlah di bank-in kan ke dalam account AnL.. Macehh.. ;) *should find new house??? ermmm

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Wokeh.. satu jam rider dr sunway damansara ke putrajaya.. balik putra sbb sok nk g airport n pickup some one from japoonn.. then masuk keja lambat.. boss ckp hokeyh.. never mind.. seb td dah wat improvement tunjuk skill sikit about networkkk... wohh kembang sikit sehh... tp tak terrer pon.. haha..

skang nih aku dok lengoh lidah.. mn xnya.. hari2 dok spiking omputih.. maklumlah byk foreigner.. ntah kadang2 aku pon xleh paham apa aku spiking.. hahaha.. worst or not.. it really worth for ur confident n improvement.. ngeee~~

ps: just update vie my phone.... simply simple..

Saturday, January 15, 2011



Salam january.. aper erk nak tulis.. sejak sekian lama dok peratikan blog aku nih.. tgk mcm ader somthing missing.. perlukah aku delete dan bertukar?? mcm dah lari lak program dia.. then malas lak nak godek2 code tu.. kemungkinan bertukar la kot nnti... dlm planning mengcreated web site aku sendiri dan dan... adelah suprise.. kuangkuang... 

ape daaaa aku merapik nih.. sampai sini jer lah dulu.... sjer nak tulis gak walau merapu meraban... chioowwzzz...

FEBRUARY planning :-
5hb   utara kenduri..
12hb seremban lak.. kenduri gak..
18hb utara lagi.. kenduri gak..

PS: kenduri manjang.. ulang alik je utara selatan.. to all member aku yg aku xdapt hadir kenduri aritu.. sorry bebanyak... it complicated when to fulfill ur invitation since da time goes BzZz... anyway.. BARAK ALLAHHU LAKUMA WA BARAKA ALIKUMA WA JAMAAH BAINA KUMA FEE KHAIR.. to all members ur color of my life.. susah senang bersama.. :)