Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Start Ur Engines'' Raya & Tour " Cameron Highland

Halluuuu.. it been long time didn't wrote something in here.. okays.. before further my stories.. I wanna wish to who ever walk to AnL blog happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. hope all of you enjoy ur holidays.. ngee~~.. n..n.. something different about blogger right now... 

Let me start my stories.. since i'm loving in travel.. backpacking or some kind of it.. so after raya when came back to kL.. and sending my lil bro to his matric at Gopeng peyrock.. with my mind still thinking of holiday.. and with smoothly idea came and..and.. i asking and giving idea that we're family go to Cameron Highland(CM) also trying new car with playing shifting gear hiking hill..seriously it's cool.. ekekkee.. just in some hour.. hahaha.. so let take look this pict.. hooolllaaa....

  (Start ur Engines... )

(look nowadays CH r really different.. when didn't go there since i'm stayed Peyrock long times ago)

(See lot of new thing was in there... should go there for another time.. anyone accompanying me?)

Okeyh one thing that i forgot.. there one new ways heading to CH.. and this new road at Gopeng.. that course horror accident last time that involve tourist bus from Thailand.. but this ways is more better than Tapah me guess.. 

PS: Tiba dah masa aku mula kembali travel(hobi seh)... ngee~ ader lagi stories ttg aku punya travel lepas nih.. Thai.. S'pore.. all will updated soon.. bila ader masa ehh.. salam lebaran buat semua..