Saturday, March 24, 2012

KOREA, Seoul Day2/2


Continuing the past article of Days 2. Last my ending is at Lotte World right. ok today i'll continue my stories. Since we're already finish inside the Lotte World we just return to our hotel and cooking the dishes that we bring from malaysia. Of course that i'm really starving because there such no Halal Food inside the Lotte World just pop corn that confidence to bite. so we arrive at our hotel around 6pm. Then pray+jamak and cooking time..  after all that, we take time to rest because it's a long day walking today.

 (See the crab are so huge.. even the leg can make us full)

(Doota Shopping Complex)
 After a few hour rest, I'm Deciding to walking around the corner (near the hotel). Since never walk at the area before. I didn't notice that our hotel is actually located really nearest with DongDaeMun. So me and my sis just walking and jumping from one to another shopping complex that have here. All this shopping complex will open until 5am. So you can enjoy shopping here but mostly the shopping complex is about fashion.

Around the DongDeaMun there have a small stall like UpTown if in K.L, But in here there are along the pavement. But i think this small stall mostly got China Brand stuff. so i'm not interested seem it can have in KL also. Actually we walking far already, hehe.. if you wanna buy some souvenir, you can buy inside DOOTA shoping complex because here got souvenir shop. didn't know it expansive or not, but i think it  reasonable price. experiencing of mistaken place that i've made.. kekeke.. should be NamDaeMun is the correct place that selling in  a cheapest price for the souvenir, but my mistake is thinking DongDaeMun is the right place. haaa.. see that is really disappointed.

After walk around and tasted Banana Milk, we just return to Hotel. Tiring with today activities and i'm sleep with comfort in the hotel without open an aircond just window because it cold already.. kekeke...

Banana Milk : KRW1200

Ps: Will Repeat back come to here for proper plan.. but i'm really missed this country.. :P

Thursday, March 22, 2012

KOREA, Seoul Day 2


 wow.. it's take to long for updating new chapter of my Korea travel.. wahahaha..actually i'm almost forgot something what to write about.. ngee~ anyway, let me try to write something here.

2nd days in Korea.. wake up early morning praying subuh.. then sleep again.. that all ok thank you for your visit.. see you in next chapter.. haha.. kidding!!!

Actually my travel is about just depending on my Korea Tourist Map have taken at matta fair last year. So i'm just going where the place that has advice on the Map. Yeah i'm not familiar with this country actually. But My sis are really addicted to Korean movie, so she much know the place that are really interested to go. Haha.. before decide to come here i'm more prefer going to New Zealand it's because the Price of the ticket on that time. OpS!! running out of my main title.

So let me short on my stories here since much thing that disappear from my mind. Today in the morning, we going to Gyeong Bok Gung Palace. This place is an old palace me though. Actually there are some of the traditional ceremony in the morning me guess, something like parade from the guard of this palace.  Actually this old palace is so nice, the view from... the structure of this building... and the park behind the palace. since you walking at the palace back side you'll see a mountain, it really nice view. So wonderful, beautiful park. hehe.. just like to said it WOW.. so we just having some moment with shooting a picture. you'll see the pict below.

(See the right pict.. is it awesome view?)

 (seem like hot weather but it -1dgrees.. so cold)

Then after having some moment to feel the view and rest, we're going to Folk Museum also behind the palace, It's free entrance, actually this Museum is about culture, so you can see here how they're culture past of the Korean Histories. we not spending much time inside here.. then we're going to find subway line and agreed going to Lotte World this the link for Lotte World main web. You know something what i'm seeing when exit from this place?? It's a Naked Museum, Oh gosh.. is it Importing thing to do some museum like this?? hahaha... still in build.. maybe next time should go there?? ahahaha.. haishh...

Lotte World actually like a big Mall because it's a shopping place, i think if in Malaysia it more like to Times Square, it have some theme park inside. so in Lotte World also have it, but it more huge then Times square, inside you can play much of games and here have Magic Island which is outside theme like out door thrill games. it have roller coaster, Gyro Drop, Ghost House and many more.. just see my Pict okey. Actually i like some blazer that sold inside this shopping complex.. it around 300,000won and after discount it about 130,00won for 1suit..  that are really much cheapest and the material are really superb. For sure will buy it when next return.

Long writing yeah.. should stop here. will continues next time.. to long enough yaa.. :D

Cost Calculation :
Gyeong Bok Gung : KRW3,000
Lotte World: KRW36,000 (Normal Price: KRW40,000)
PopCorn (LotteWorld): KRW5000
Train Around: KRW1,400(x3with return)

Total: 48,200KRW

pS: Panjang sangat seh.. nnti sambung balik la.. ni pon byk dah lupa.. tulis apa yang igt jer. :P sedang mengkira2 next trips.. Insyaallah..

Monday, March 12, 2012


Hi there anybody home?? just wanna shred this thing that I'm think they'r awesome.. hahaha.. so watch this ya.. na.. naaaa....

Ps: Layan boring jap.. so tgk jap treiler Despicable ME 2... :D

Sunday, March 11, 2012

KOREA, Seoul Days1st


 Hah.. dah lama balik baru nak hapdate. ngee~~ Okeyh.. untuk 1st day nih rasa tak byk penulisan. 23Feb2012. Masuk jer dlm flight terus dengar lagu kumpulan korea (4minute-HotIssue). flight pkl 2.35pm dan tiba di Incheon Airport pkl 9.55pm(waktu sana). perbezaan waktu lebih kurang sejam sana cepat.. dan ikut waktu malaysia pkl8.55pm. Pergh.. sejukkkk seh.. -1degree kot...

 (AAX bleh la besar tapi sempit jugak.. ngee~ it's your choice so do not complain haha...)

Setibanya di Airport sana ofcourse lah teruja sebab wow.. aku dah sampai korea seh.. ngee~~ AnnyeongHaseyo.. :D. Jadinya aku berbackpack 4org 1kanak2.. haaa.... ader kanak2 seh tp bleh backpack???

 Team Members adalah Pakcik aku ngn wifey n anaknyer.. and adik aku dan aku.. so.. selepas selesai imegresen ++ amik bag bagai.. dalam pkl 12++pm tu kami pon keluar airport dan decided amik TAXI jer.. sebb bus dengan Train dah tamat perkhidmatan.. jejumpa jer pakCik taxi tu Annyeonggg... ntah aper da dia cakap.. English Plizzz... haha.. kompom dia cakap ayam.. dan kami pon balas bhs itek.. ekeke.. 

(Nie jer aku balun dlm Flight 6jam.. Snek ptg2.. nak makan awal2 seblum tu dah kenyang..)


 Jadinya kami pon tunjuklah Address dan bagitau dia yang kami nak g Uljiro Coop Residence. dia pon tipon kengkawan dia kot.. lepas tu search kat GPS tempat yang nak d tuju.. perjalanan dalam 40minit gak dari Incheon ke Uljiro. Alhamdulillah sampai jugak. selepas check-In amek Key-Card kami masuk dan tgk2 bilik..
not bad lah.. mmg kami pilih yang ader dapur so boleh masak makanan yang dibawa tanpa rasa was2.. aper lagi operasi memasak lah kan.. lapo seh lama dok dalam Flight Kaku tanpa Entertainment.. anyway Thank Jugak sbb dpt best price.. ngee~~

So lepas makan semua tido la aper lagi.. besok nak g jenjalan.. haa.. tengok jer lah gambar nih.. kot2 tercerita merapu kan... :P

   (Receptionist dia leh tahan gak comei.. hehe)
(Hah ni lah bilik yang disewa.. siap dapur dia pon ok..)
Kira-kira Untuk Hari Pertama:
MegiCup+Hot Milo: Myr11.00
Taxi Airport-CoopResidence: KRW90,000/4 = KRW22,500
Coop Residence : KRW90,000/night(/2pax) = KRW45,000
Total = Tolong Kira kan bulehhh...

PS: Tunggu episode akan dtg.. malas lak rasa nak wat editing.. banyak sangat gambar seh.. nnt aku upload kat AnL Album atas seblah kanan tu.. hokeyh.. :D

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Separated mind


Hah.. this is weird title.. me also confusing my self with that.. ngee~~ nonsense writing may be. actually what playing in my mind is about .. should I joining  be a shared holder of company.? should I? can I? if say that I'm became a shared holder.. which is the best place that should us setup the company or office? prefer more to Klang Valley area which is Putrajaya,KL, Bangi,ShahAlam, Pj.. or else.. This is also another Travel Companies.. deeply think of it.. yes.. I like to have own companies.. and of course this would be take long term return.. but i'm really..really interested on it..and the same thing that I scared that I can't do it better.. hurmm.. so what should I do...?? haishh...

PS: English lak kali nih.. lama tak ber-english so nak bagi familiar balik tulis eng.. hagak2 kalu ader sesapaer yang lalu sini apa pandangan anda ?? perlu ker aku join shared holder?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Voucher Buku 1M


Bercerita pula pasal Voucher Buku nih.. Untung lah pelajar sekarang nih.. dapat lak Voucher Buku benilai Myr200 bahagi empat keping Myr50. Zaman aku dulu jenuh nak beli buku tiada budget. Tapi ader gak yang g jual Voucher tu.. adoii.. dah diberi percuma.. di salah gunakan pulak.. haishh.. Untuk kalian2 yang dapat voucher tu gunakanlah sebaik mungkin.. okeyhh.. sekali jer dpt aku rasa.. so.. pepandailah budget untuk sem2 akan datang.. tp aku dgr ader jugak book company yang boleh creditkan nilai voucher tu dlm company diorg.. makna kata.. kalu korang kasik voucher bernilai 200myr tu kat company tu so anda akan ada account dlm book company tu.. so kalau anda beli tak habis nilai pon still leh guna balance untuk masa akan datang.. yang untung kat sini bila validity voucher tu habih.. tapi kat bookstore tu masih boleh guna balance tu.. huh aku lak pening explain.. aiii.. contohnya begini :-
      * anda beli buku bernilai myr60 so balance ader lagi myr140 kan..kan..
        choice kat sini -
      * anda beli kat book outlet luar mesti kena habihkan myr100 jugak min sebab nilai voucher myr50   sekeping n no refund.. dan akan expired kalau x habihkan semua 4 keping tu 30march2012... so rugilah kalau masih tergaru kepala nak beli apa yang belum dpikirkan... kan..kan..
     * This book store anda bagi semua 4keping voucher tu benilai myr200.. dia akan create account untuk anda dan creditkan nilai dalam book store tu.. jadi anytime anda nak beli buku walaupon selepas expired date tetap masih boleh d gunakan.. kerana sudah ada credit dan mungkin balance masih ada.. haa...kan untung kat situ..

hah.. macam aku lak nak promote system book outlet tu haishh... tapi buku dia mahal jugak adoii... okeh sajer nak bercerita dan berkongsi sajer.. aper pon gunalah sebaik mungkin.. peace are wonderful..