Saturday, March 24, 2012

KOREA, Seoul Day2/2


Continuing the past article of Days 2. Last my ending is at Lotte World right. ok today i'll continue my stories. Since we're already finish inside the Lotte World we just return to our hotel and cooking the dishes that we bring from malaysia. Of course that i'm really starving because there such no Halal Food inside the Lotte World just pop corn that confidence to bite. so we arrive at our hotel around 6pm. Then pray+jamak and cooking time..  after all that, we take time to rest because it's a long day walking today.

 (See the crab are so huge.. even the leg can make us full)

(Doota Shopping Complex)
 After a few hour rest, I'm Deciding to walking around the corner (near the hotel). Since never walk at the area before. I didn't notice that our hotel is actually located really nearest with DongDaeMun. So me and my sis just walking and jumping from one to another shopping complex that have here. All this shopping complex will open until 5am. So you can enjoy shopping here but mostly the shopping complex is about fashion.

Around the DongDeaMun there have a small stall like UpTown if in K.L, But in here there are along the pavement. But i think this small stall mostly got China Brand stuff. so i'm not interested seem it can have in KL also. Actually we walking far already, hehe.. if you wanna buy some souvenir, you can buy inside DOOTA shoping complex because here got souvenir shop. didn't know it expansive or not, but i think it  reasonable price. experiencing of mistaken place that i've made.. kekeke.. should be NamDaeMun is the correct place that selling in  a cheapest price for the souvenir, but my mistake is thinking DongDaeMun is the right place. haaa.. see that is really disappointed.

After walk around and tasted Banana Milk, we just return to Hotel. Tiring with today activities and i'm sleep with comfort in the hotel without open an aircond just window because it cold already.. kekeke...

Banana Milk : KRW1200

Ps: Will Repeat back come to here for proper plan.. but i'm really missed this country.. :P