Saturday, March 3, 2012

Separated mind


Hah.. this is weird title.. me also confusing my self with that.. ngee~~ nonsense writing may be. actually what playing in my mind is about .. should I joining  be a shared holder of company.? should I? can I? if say that I'm became a shared holder.. which is the best place that should us setup the company or office? prefer more to Klang Valley area which is Putrajaya,KL, Bangi,ShahAlam, Pj.. or else.. This is also another Travel Companies.. deeply think of it.. yes.. I like to have own companies.. and of course this would be take long term return.. but i'm really..really interested on it..and the same thing that I scared that I can't do it better.. hurmm.. so what should I do...?? haishh...

PS: English lak kali nih.. lama tak ber-english so nak bagi familiar balik tulis eng.. hagak2 kalu ader sesapaer yang lalu sini apa pandangan anda ?? perlu ker aku join shared holder?