Monday, November 7, 2011

Lepor Hill

Assalamualaikum.. hai n hello.. Happy Eiduladha to all muslim in this world. Hokey.. actually just wanna wrote some short strories in here.. past few week ago.. i'm hiking lepor hill.. the location was at Hulu Langat Selangor, yes it was a lot of waterfall at this area(Hulu Langat). Lepor is one of it.. it was the 1st time I'm in here, but mostly in Hulu Langat i'm going to Sg,Gabai or Chongkak the famous place to picnic for people around Klang Valley maybe.. 

So.. after 7.30am i'm drove Putrajaya to Bangi pick up my friend and continue to Hulu Langat. Meet another friend near sg.Chongkak. we arrive around 9am then start hiking to the peak around 11/2 hour.. the trek wasn't to steep.. but when you're close to the peak it bit steep.. so that it.. no much pict.. you can asking for the pict.. hehehe.. so here i show some video.. enjoy it.. ;D


Ps: I think the best reflexology is with mr.pacat?? how you think about don't ya? kekekeke... I love travel.. but I'm less of budget.. huhu.. who wanna backpack with me? anyone? let go some place that interested you.. :D