Friday, October 28, 2011

Raya USS

Assalamualaikum.... trying write it in before.. but there are much.. muchiess.. of but...but.. haha... so now it felt like no idea how to wrote about it.. what was i'm saying is about my backpacker to USS(Universal Studio Singapore)10th September 2011..

Let start with this paragraph.. so it should be a budget travel..or kind of Destinasi Budget.. How to count on it.. am let u guys doing some calculation about my travel aight?? Let start by....

Friday :
    I'm just taking a bus to JOHORE.. heading to my friend house.. so that can reducing my cost(accommodation) so that why i'm called this Destinasi Budget.. i'm taking a night bus for sure it was after working hour isn't it..? telling ur guys some new experience at new buses station.. that was awesome.. with a new system and new building..also got aircond..  that is at Bandar Tasik Selatan.. hokeh.. that's it..
This Boarding Area see my banner also there.. :p

This is ticketing counter.. also got bus time schedule...

Buses Tiket + Return (KL-Benut)
cost >> MYR50

     Wake up early (is it?) ahah.. actually just bit skid of time.. hehehe.. me and my friend already booking the bus and USS ticket before raya.. mean the package that bus company provide with it.. so our time to travel from JB to USS is at 10.30am.. we're depart from Tune Hotel Danga Bay.. From there we travel by bus directly to USS.. then when return we just waiting where were we was drop 10.30pm our bus came to pick us return to Tune Hotel Danga Bay..the bus was so comfort actually, because it was a business class bus..

    what have in USS? there a lot of part erk..erkk.. is it should say it like part or should say it a places??
let say it in Egypt part or cartoon Places or London Town area.. or ..or.. Madagascar the cartoon look like... there have game for each part of this Area.. kind like roller coaster.. i'm running out of my time to doing some pict editing.. so.. will update it letter lah ekk.. can see at the right of my blog(My Album).. so that it.. lah kot since i have no idea to wrote it much.. what can i describe about this trips.. it's fun and enjoyable.. yes i'll do go again.. but town the cities on next time.. anyone wanna join me?? let be together next time yaa....

This the place that we arrive.. at sentosa resort world

This is the bus of the company that i was said.. look cool right??

Tune Hotel Danga Bay JB

In front of Universal Studio Singapore

Uss + Buses(Package)
Cost MYR 205
Snack SGD 5
Plus.. Minuses MYR20( Extra cost)

     It time to return to Putrajaya.. hoho... arrive and have nice experience with relaxing at home sweet home.. :P

How was it .. did u calculating my budget? around myr300 only.. enjoyable right? so here i put my Pesanan Video from my friends... watch it ya... :D

PS: If it a long time stories..?? i do apologize.. coz i've no idea at all since being a working person... Is it? hahaha