Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bird's Nest Beverage(Minuman Sarang Burung)

Product of Al-Tasneem Enterprise

The Nutrition:

* Healing asthma
* Ageing delaying
* Increase sexual performance
* Heart and lung strengthen
* Increasing body resistance
* Recover internal wound
* Speed up blood circulation
* Losing body heat
* Treat acne skin and cough
* Relieve gastric



(x6 Bottle)

(x6 Bottle)

For family use or for Selling
For more info please contact : En Hilmi 016 6993998 or e-mail to:

Klang Valley area. Out area also can nego

PS: This is just side thing that me wanna shared n promote here.. ngee~~ healthy aight... i think this is just in Okay price because  i think out side there were hundred and above aight..?? some info that i wanna shared that demand on bird nest is around 5k++ /kg.. aight?  so this is cheapest and wort isn't it.. ? :D