Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hat Yai


Happy weekend to all.. 1st of it, I just wanna review my trip to hat yai past month..month.. month.. agooo... ngee..haha.. actually it was my company trip.. yes for sure that trip was supported by my boss.. thank boss..

okay let review some, which is still remind in my head.. actually we depart from Puduraya.. yeah.. we travel by bus.. and after office hour, all the staff will meet there(puduraya).. so one night long we travel from KL to Bukit Kayu Hitam and arrive in the morning at the border.. so we arrive at Hat Yai town around 9am.. me guess.

what have there?? 
1st we finding some stall or coffee house for breakfast.. got muslim stall around there.. me just having my roti canai telur and teh tarik.. see.. still can find it even in Thailand.. it's a Pathani stall i think. they also can speak shouldn't have any problem in communication.. then checkin at Sakura Grand View Hotel after bit round the area. hmm.. I think I would recommended this hotel to who ever else wanna go there.. because this hotel is okay for me.. and the price also reasonable.. after we're take a look a room and having a bath.. we all going to some places that my boss bring us to PASAR?? I don't know what pasar it is but we going there by TUk..TUk.. the smal transport that you'll see at my pict below.. just cost 3bath.. it open air when you seating at the back.. 

(Room Bed... nice ornament)

(1st Arrive Hat Yai morning)

(This is what my room look like 'GOOGLE source')


Okey.. at pasar we can find anything that you love to buy.. such as BAG,Hand Bag, Shoes, Shirt, and else..
wow one day not enough for the shopaholic.. yeah i feel unlucky because i'm going with shopaholic team.. ouh.. that not me hahaha.. coz i like travel more than shopping..

we going out with our boss he treat us seafood there.. nyummy..then we going town and having night life in there.. so in Hat Yai it was a happening night life with shopping area.. fuhh!!.. if i did bring more buck in my wallet that time.. i think much thing i would buy..because it was really cheapest price.. hahaha..

okay I think this is too long enough for writing.. should be continue for day2 in Hat yai next time.. 
see ya..

PS: anyone wanna going there?? i think wanna go there again.. trying shopping back... kekeke..