Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Memorable of 2013


Happy New Year to all reader, hopefully all of you have done your past "AZAM" . Let me telling you what I'm really want to do.. or specifically want to go for my own holiday in my life. Lets be simple as point check below :-

1. Vacay with Luxurious way of Cruises, sailing away for far...far.. away.. This Check as done!!
     = Star Cruise for 4D3N From Penang Disembark at Phuket & Krabi. Yeay!! now I feel how the experience of sailing with Luxurious Cruises. PS: nasib x jumpa org2 mcm dlm filem pisau cukur.. hehehe.

2. Going To Australia and meet Mr.Kangaroo.. probably yeah.. Done!!
    = Syukran Alhamdulillah, been there for 6 Day.. self drive and House Stay accomodation there. Will stories here When i'm feeling so.. ngee~~~

3. Grab A big LOBSTER.. So yeah also Done!! Holiday With my Fren at Sabah. Eat 2 times. believe it. and heading to Kundasang.. Hmmm.. so the most interested thing that Ii wanna do is complete for 2013. 

4. Seating on the big plane or international plane..this weird but it Done!! Thai Airways(A330-300), Malaysia Airline, Vietanam Airline(B777-200), AirAsia X, KLM Airline(B747-400)

so Below is Place that I really wanna go but not expected going there so soon... but also been there last year.. Syukur Alhamdulillah..

5. Acheh. I believe there are 95% Muslim was there if I'm not mistake, all Muslim Girl must wear Scarf "Tudung". Been there because of working purpose, so just covering their Tragedy of Tsunami. It realize on what happening there. Done!!

   So... Planning of 2014... Own vacay with no working matter.

February 3D2N
- 2nd time of Universal Studio Singapore.. Insha Allah.. with fren of UiTM...

March 7D6N
- Would be Korea, Dicover of Busan backpack with 3 Geng, maybe will expand to Osaka, Japan Insha Allah.

May 6D5N
- Adelaide Australia, trying my brave of lone ranger backpack there, Insha Allah. this would be 50-50 to go. because of lack return ticket. may everything good till success.

One and hope there have some changes in something, will see it.. so just this I can wrote in. see ya next time since there are many thing are increasing. so may be there are some of planning this year would be cancel. so just wait what will happen.. till then..  ByE...