Saturday, October 31, 2009


Bike.. actually it long time for me didn't cycling...haha... but today in a boring holiday that me decide wanna take and modified my old bike.. i will design it n make a decoration.. hehe... we will see what will happen on it..i'm just send da bicycle to da shop for repairing to what should it be... gear cable.. seat.. tire.. gosh.. all that make charge over rm50.. huhu.. but me still wanna change the tire nut.. change it to the sport nut that can take it out easy.. huhu but it cos rm45 just only for one tire.. if me take pairing it may rm80.. but when it all total.. it may rm80+54... huh.. over hundred just for repairing a bicycle..??? really expensive more then a motorcycle.. huhuhu

But if it really make me happy n enjoy after this.. why not?? that also can put me out of boring holiday... hahaha.. without nobody in my life now(really miss someone).. i will showing my work n my design.. cos for paint spray rm10... should make two or three colour(metallic brown, metallic blue, pearl white) hmm... over my budget?? ish..ish..
haha.. gosh.. need to buy a tennis racket.. gonna play squash.. hahaha... coming soon hobby... okay.. that for today... sorry like look much trouble with my language.. will upload all da pict after this.. me just forgot to capture any pict before.. haha.. adiozzzaa..