Monday, November 2, 2009

Morning Bachelor Cook..

Menu for today breakfast.. angel hair spageti.. nyumm.. is it delicious?? haha.. just try it lah.. da sempoi.. bachelor cookeries.. so here da ingredient :-

1. Angel hair Spageti
2. Planta(me suggest) but today got daisy(hurmm)...
3. Shell(keranglah)
4. bean(kcg bincis kot tu..)
5. salt
6. 1 egg

and my cooking staill:-

Spagetti boil...

1stly make a hot water.. with put some of salt..with 1 table oil of spoon.. after water get boiling.. put the noodle... when the noodle get expand.. filtered tha noodle.. hehehe..

fried da spageti..

1stly.. melting da planta.. and put that spageti noodle.. then integrated it.. after all that done.. put 1 egg.. make sure that egg not integrated it early.. with that mix it wix all ingredient shell..and bean..after few second.. integrated it all.. hahaha.. so simple delicious.. have an enjoy time to try it.. forgot something.. put some lemon if u like some sour tasted.. happy enjoy it!!