Monday, November 9, 2009

New stuff..

Today me got new racket.. badminton?? naaaa... it tennis racket... haha.. WILSON brand.. dunno it really ok or not.. by the way.. it has 30% discount.. from price rm99 deducted to rm65.. okey lah I think.. hmm.. when me should play with it..?? gosh.. no member to playing for.. oh!! before this me got my uncle at bukit jalil.. but he going to UUM to be a lecturer no more geng to play with.. but!.. me can play squash right?? hahaha.. that my target.. erkk.. this is not a squash racket.. i think me can used it can I?.. let try and see tomorrow.. becoz squash racket more expensive.. even it low to rm 125.. huhu.. out of my budget.. hmm.. let take a look on my new stuff.. here it is..

(got new tennis ball also.. wilson brand too..)

(Price after discount.. rm99.90 to rm65.90)

(Racket brand.. Wilson font on the middle..)

(Titanium.. with blue+green design.. yeah!! cool design no1 in USA*boikot..but budget also huhu..)


Hill_Mie said...

Correction.. not USA brand.. but it CHINA brand.. just it been played by player from USA... me though.. haha