Saturday, January 23, 2010

Destinasi Budgetku...

Hye!! and hello to all... as what i`m said before... that me wanna shared about my backpacking travel.. hmm... 1stly... yes.. that i`m going backpacker just alone.. to KUCHING SARAWAK so.. Y? that sound crazy right, but there are something y me just do this, something about promise, something that what are planning before, but at the end just disappointed. For now.. let past just past by it ways, nothing to say`s it now, hmmm.. well... let see what i've got, that me really on my target rm300 and below budget?? you decide it k... :-

Day 1st:
me just arrive at around 6pm, and getting an airport taxi to my destination, it my budget hotel lah, nothing me can do at the 1st day, just really tired because didn't sleep all night long before that, studying for my exam before, then after exam... me runner to da airport huhu, so.. at the night for the 1st day me just go across the road infront of my HOsTEL for my dinner... Meatball Bolognise Spaghetti (PIZZA HUT).. after that i'm not going anywhere and just return to my room and get sleep..

my calculation:-
accomodation : RM80(3D2N)
Taxi airport-HOsTEL: RM26.00
DinNer Pizza Hut: RM15.00

DAY 2:
wake up early morning but not really me thought.. because me forgot that the time was different then our time,so me just leave my room around 10.00am.. for my me just get McD at KUCHING town.. really behind the BIG CAT monument(is it monument..?? hehe).. don't know where to go, after that me just go walking around WATER FRONT, suddenly someone came and wanna shake his hand with me with his word like he did really know who i'm.. his just said when you're arrive.. where to go(eh! bila sampai? nak g mana? dgn nada aku ni kawan dia???).. but me really didn't know who's this person, but me didn't shake his hand.. because of my safety.. y? i'll tell you walking around the WATER FRONT then me across the river with smallest boat..

Across the SARAWAK RIVER me going finding kek lapis.. haha.. just going for belasah jer... finally found KEK LAPIS DAYANG SALHAH.. just buy for pair of kek lapis.. one is choc.cheese and sweet sour flavour, so just thinking what should me do after this.. ermm.. remember something that one uncle at the same boat with me just suggest me to eat AYAM PANSUH, just nearest da boatyard.. haha... so me going there and having my LUncH.. it delicious, yeah.. the menu was so creative, nice owner friendly, He is UncLe Al-Fayad.. anyway nice to meet you sir and thank for ur accompanying me, and your AYAM PANSUH was supperb.. after my lunch.. i'm going to FORT MARGHERITA.. it was historical building.. and me just take a look inside and around the building.. it showing 1880 may it be since james brooke colonization.. hurmm... forgot something.. before me across the sarawak river, i'm just bought something to my sibling and my frens.. hehe.. just t-shirt and some keychain..  so after all this me just return to my room back.. because the sky look may not really light, almost cloudy.. just return and rest..
(this is my lunch AYAM PANSUH with mix juice)

after moment me lepaking at hall and talking with other and the owner of the place where i'm staying, she's Maggie also friendly N nice person, she suggested some place that me can visit in sarawak.. yes i do go if there in my much muchciiii of budget.. hehe.. like want to go to da forest and take a look life of ORANG UTAN's..

Night Day's 2
so at the night me just walking and take some of night fresh air, only at WATER FRONT... and have a byte for my dinner at ZE kiosk.. me just having a Thai Fried rice and Fresh orange.. where should me go then.. just round there and return.. BORED...

(Thai Fried Rice water front ZE kiosk)
serve with 1/4chicken,
egg,salt fish, powder prawn, fried bean,

My calculation day 2:
McD: RM8.80
sourvenir : RM33 (5t-shirt with 10keychain)
bot return: RM1
Kek Lapis: RM20
Ayam Pansuh: RM30
Miniral water: RM1(side)
Night 2
Dinner: RM15.50
Milo Drink:RM2.50(side)

DAY 3(last day)
me don't know where should me go for this day, should me just rest in my rooms?? oh no.. what a bored life if just staying at rooms.. so here me decide to walking again. where?? 1stly me go finding for my yeah!!.. found PLANET SAMBAL.. i like it nasik lemak.. there are plenty of choice.. so me just decide nasik lemak biasa and hot milo.. delicious taste.. then... like usual.. town to BANDARAYA KUCHING... going to CHINESE MUsEuM(free entrance yaa...), after that me trying to walking and find something that unusual thing.. so walking and keep walking alone... so lastly me didn't know where were i'm now... huhu... lost my direction.. but who care right?.. hahaha.. i'm traveller person should never lost.. hehe(cakap besar lak.. dlm bandar leh ar..)

so here it is.. i'm now at ETNOLOGI MUSEUM..hmm.. what inside the museum?? just what me understand is... it some of the Ethnic of SARAWAKian that showing inside of the museum.. sorry guyz... I can't get the permission to capture the pict inside.. so after visited inside..i'm leaving and going to another museum.. it ART MUSEUM near the ethnology museum.. it only about the art.. art of creativity.. ethnic art like wooden art.. trees carve.. it about engraving thing in SARAWAK... then me just return to my rooms.. and packing all my stuff to be ready going to da airport.. hehe for waiting my big bird flying to KUALA LUMPUR... i'm lepaking at KFC.. trying new meal there.. ZINGER TOWER set...

(here my hot milo n nasik lemak PLANET SAMBAL)
nasi lemak serve with:
yellow nasik lemak, papadom,egg,sambal,kacang, saltfish,ikan bilis.

Last day calculation:
7E: RM4
Taxi to airport: RM26
KFC: RM15(not pretty sure) ;

;) ENJOY MY JOURNEY.. enjoy some pict from me to ur guyz ya... HaVe a nIcE PleaSuRe..

PS: Aku nak kasi tips sikit.. so klu korang g travell ke tempat org.. especially tempat yang tak besa langsung.. so kena lah betul2 hati2.. somtime kita tak tahu apa niat org.. ya betul some tempat mmg ramai org yang baik n peramah.. tp harus d ingat.. ader jugak yang niat tak baik.. ibarat mcm kat waterfront ni yang org nak shake ngn aku n buat mcm kenal aku tu.. mn tau niat dia nak pukau n tipu ke kan. sbb aku dah byk dgr kes pukau kat situ.. yang penting amalkan doa harian... n sll lah amalkan zikir dan selawat ke atas nabi junjungan kita.. agar suma perkara musibah mcm nih dapat dielak dan kita akan dilindungi... insyaallah.. so hati2lah ketika berjalan.. n sentiasa buka minda dan pikiran anda untuk lebih berwaspasa pada keadaan sekeliling.. insyaallah lepas nih klu ader rezki aku kan travell ke HONGKONG plak... "open ur mind with lot of travelling and gain ur life experiencewith looking other humanity around.."~mie~ adoii leh ker kata2 nih...  ;)


white rose said...

wei......behnye...bile ko nk bawak aku kesana...tringin beb...

Hill_Mie said...

hehe.. best2.. tp x beh klu g silap timing.. :)

Anonymous said...

Ayam pansuh tu mahal nye... RM 30 untuk berapa ekor?