Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ends of 2012


let's me say, that I can't finish my storiesss before, hua..hua..hua.. sorry about that, and now it really closely end of 2012. December already and Seoul now are snowing. oh I wanna go there again. SO.. the story today I should closed all those what I'm doing in 2012, let recalled the something that maybe I've never talking here. Thus, the journey of my 2012 is:-


Korea on 23-28 February 2012
* Beautiful memories in Seoul
* Going Nami Island
* some complicated happened (not bad)
* Experience of Skiing
* Playing Snow
* Lotte World Theme Park
* Flying with cheapers Airasia X

Jakarta Bandung 4-7 June 2012
* Taman Mini Indonesia
* Pasar Baru
* Takuban Perahu
* Film Studio
* All Shopping Area(Toko3, Cihampelas, Cibaduyut, dll)

1Night Star Cruises Libra 30 August 2012
* Sailing from Penang Port
* One Night at the deep blue seas.

Legoland soft opening 04Sept 2012
* experiencing a new theme park in Johor
* Excited trying all those thing inside.

3Night Star Cruises Libra (Phuket-Kerabi) 
09September 2012
* Experiencing long journey of sailing at deep blue seas.
* Walking Kerabi bay, Aonang + city tour
* Tour Phuket with experience of people playing snake live, tour the city and some show,
* Nice viewing both this places 
* Good experience on the ships, full of entertainment.

Kelantan T'ganu 15 Sept 2012
* With the secondary school from Penang
* Visited Masjid Terapung, Pasar Payang, Noor Arfa Batik,
* Kelantan memories at Pasar Siti Khadijah, Art Gallery,

Medan Indonesia, 28-31 October 2012
* Meet Business partner around the wolrd
* Exchange business
* Experience of becoming new Airport of Medan
* Best deal relation and positive business relation

maybe that all I can highlight here, for the picture I will Uploaded here asap, but for this 2012 I just wonder that I;m going to Korea only, but it more, so just wait if I can updated anything else soon.
see ya next time.