Thursday, October 11, 2012

Break... 1st..


It been so long enough that I didn't write something in here. Ok, my Korea stories also not finish yet, It's so busy for me nowadays, telling a stories about my past Korea travel is so difficult because I need to recall back all those thing. since I've been working and studies back, so the time was so limit to me, when I have some extra time to do a writing in here, then I'll finish it. by end of this month I also need to travel to Medan,Indonesia. Not for vacation, but it's one of business opportunities, that I must go and meet business partner from there and make connection. Hope this feature relation can make my business more better and successful, pray for me ya. I hope that I also can proceed to Dubai by next year too. When I have the right time, I'll finish what I've left. okies.. look like I left much stories here.. see ya next time. have a good day!