Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Only 3 things...

Three things in life once gone never come back........ 
1. Words.
2. Opportunity. 
3. Time. 

Three things in life are never sure. 
1. Dreams. 
2. Success. 
3. Fortune. 

Three things in life that make you a great person..
1. Hard Work. 
2. Sincerity. 
3. Success. 

Three things in life are most valuable.. 
1. Love. 
2. Self respect. 
3. Friends. 

Three things in life must not be lost.... 
1. Peace 
2. Hope 
3. Honesty. 

Three things in life that destroy a person... 
1. Greed. 
2. Pride. 
3. Anger.

PS: Think about it okey... I think that me just lost my hope(sadness)... hurmm.. my opinion hope must have in our life... becoz without hope.. we can't get a better life and feature.. becoz with hope.. we drive our way to be success... we should put hope in our heart... am i'm right?(aper yang aku merapik nih bedulll.... ish..ish..)


white rose said...

3 things in your IMAN...


Hill_Mie said...

Insyaallah... tak lupa... tima kasih yer white rose :)